Longchamp’s Dating Service


So… there would be no convincing Longchamp to split the costs that night, huh? He gave a little sigh, it good-natured enough even if he felt somewhat badly. He’d just have to find another way to pay him back for his kindness. No good deed went unnoticed by a Yamamoto. And certainly not forgotten.

"Longchamp’s right~ They’ll be here anytime. I guess we’re just a little anxious." Like the other boy said, it was his first double-date. And to have a model to enjoy the evening with, well… that was enough to leave anyone hanging at the edge of their seat. He couldn’t wait to meet her~

The thing was though, there would be a lot of waiting. And a lot of wondering. And unfortunately, no meeting with any Akita model. At some point, he would realize that.

The brunette had moved to check his phone again, the time flashing back at him, a decent reminder of just how long the two had been sitting there. Maybe it was time he said something again?

A breath was taken, eyes not quite meeting the pair across from them. “Ah… Longchamp? Are you sure that’s their numbers? I mean, maybe we should eat something? You know… in case their wrong?” He felt a little badly for asking, but the elephant was just sitting in the room, waiting to be addressed. And one of them was bound to do it eventually. Their stomachs had been grumbling loud enough for their waiter to come back more than once.


"I’m sure they won’t mind~" A head start on their meal would even out the tardiness, right? If they showed at all… Secretly, he was beginning to have his doubts. Rare for the carefree, optimistic Rain; but understandable.

Naito rocked anxiously in his seat, constantly checking his phone and checking the numbers. Seriously, where the hell were they? Unless… But they were so nice! And Yamamoto was so cool! Who’d stand him up? Hell, he was a great date even for dudes! Was that weird? Naito frowned and shook his head. All this waiting and hunger was making him confused. “Hm? Aaha, yeah-! It’s just a bit of anxiety… I’ve never had a date this late before. I hope they’re alright. Y’don’t know if there’s bad traffic or somethin’ do ya?” It was late enough where traffic wouldn’t be an issue, and even if they were stuck, wouldn’t someone be able to text back?

A stomach cramp and audible grumble caused Naito to look through his menu again. “Let’s order food- It kinda sucks waitin’ and not doin’ nothin’. I can smell some of the stuff from the kitchen and it’s driving me nuts!” He knew he had the right number… And he gave the right address…

"H-hey uh-" Naito flagged a waiter over and pointed at the menu, glancing to Yamamoto with a small grin. "Let’s order one of those big sampler platters while we wait! That way everyone can have a little somethin something." Naito really was trying his best to keep that optimism up. He honestly was. Even the waiter could see through that big grin. Yamamoto was such a cool friend- he didn’t deserve to be stood up!


No, by now he knew they were stood up. Naito frowned and closed his menu with a defeated look on his face. “I blew it. I’m sorry Takeshi- I got you all dressed up and out here and I totally bombed. I was really sure about this too and-” He sulked back into his chair. Rejection was something Naito didn’t respond to so easily, but he still preferred it to a lie. At least with an honest answer he could pick himself back up without wasting everyone’s time. “You must be really mad huh?” Of course, with Naito, it was a zero to sixty issue. One moment he’d feel amazing, the next would be deep sadness and worry. He honestly believed that Yamamoto would stop being his friend over something like this (which shouldn’t be taken too seriously. After all, he thought a girlfriend broke up with him when really she just went to work).

"I’m so sorry man!" Sniff. “This is all my fault!”

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six [ similarities ] between the mun and the muse. I'm doing this again, but for Naito instead of Fem!Verde.


1.)  We both collect a lot of things! I’m nowhere near as big of a hoarder as Naito, but I have a huge collection of figures, plushies, papers, notebooks, fabric, etc.

2.)  We are both people that simply love having a good time. Having fun with people and going out is something I like to do/ extroverted personalities.

3.) Same taste in fashion. To an extent. I love most things and Naito’s punk style reminds me of old school H.Naoto / H. Anarchy. You know, before they became fucking assholes who mistreated their foreign clients. I can see a female Naito rocking a lot of Putumayo clothes.

4.)  Pretty close to shameless. I mean I’m not really a private person about things that people are usually embarrassed over. (AKA we have a really not so secret porn stash. Majority of mine is XS though. : l )

5.) Video games video games video games bowling too but more so video games

6.)  People expect awful things to follow when they see us. Like, with Naito people run. With me, its a “Oh no Cady is online with photoshop open, what is she planning.”

six [ differences between the mun and the muse.

1.) I am nowhere near as friendly and nice as Naito is.

2.)  Naito has a new bae of the day/week/month. I’ve only have had 1 girlfriend and 1.5 boyfriends. STORY TIME: I say .5 because my very first boyfriend and I were together 3 weeks and we broke up, and we only hugged And it was 8th grade and he broke up with me saying he was gay. Fast forward a few years into high school, he has a girlfriend and I am gay. Fast forward more so to the present and wow I dodged a bullet there. I don’t even know if I can say 1.5 because I dumped the other guy because he was abusive and I only dated him because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Which was a total mistake because I got the piss beaten out of me when I dumped him and now he stalks me, but distances himself just enough where I can’t fucking do anything about it.
 I’ve been with Jess since high school (with some breaks) after all that crap (tbh I was talking to her more than I was talking to my ex while I was dating him. We’d talk on msn while I was at his house  :l ). But yeah man I love my lady ghbjnkm,l

3.) Dat age gap. I’m, obviously, older than Naito. I am a college grad, he’s a middle schooler.

4.)  Lady Cady and Manly Naito.

5.)  I was never loud or outspoken in class/ back when I was in school. I was quiet and just did my work or played Pokemon. 

6.)  I have green hair, he is a red head.

OOooOOookay I don’t know who to tag so if you’ve done it before, I’m sorry! If not- do it! My 6 tags are random! 

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My very first video in Windows Movie Maker. I’m proud.

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"THAT’S SO COOL KID! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT HAT, I TOTALLY WANT ONE!" Or better- a collection of them- a cornucopia of fruit hats! Or one of those fruit hats those colorful dancers wear! Oh right- he should introduce himself.

"Heya kiddo, my name is Naito Longchamp! What’s yours?"

I track Naito Longderp